Our Missions

The Missions and Goals of Toun Community Center

Provide Basic Needs

Education, shelter, adequate healthcare and three nutritious meals per day for children or those living in extreme poverty.

Provide Education and Training

Break out of the poverty cycle by empowering individuals and local communities to become self-sufficient through education and practical skills center.

Promote Equity

Working towards equity such that individuals are able to seek work without discrimination, and receive equal opportunities regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or beliefs.

Our History

From 1970 to 1979, Khmer Rouge, the Communist Part of Kampuchea in Cambodia led by Pol Pot, ruled over Siem Reap. Pol Pot's troops caused a labor struggle in the country side.

Almost 3,000,000 people were killed during this period, which is about a quarter of the total population in Cambodia.

Starting from 7th January 1979, the Vietnamese and Cambodian troops helped people who had lived through Pol Pot's regime.

This political conflict caused many to live in poverty, most of these being homeless children. Toun Community Center was founded in 2007 to help these vulnerable children.

Our center changed its name several times. In 2007, it was called PACODC. In 2014, it was changed to PACDOC CTS. Since 2016, the center changed its name to the current name, Toun Community Center (TCC).

Message from the Founder

I, Toun Boran, the founder of TCC, joined the Cambodian army in 1982. I worked in the army until 1997, but I soon resigned.

At that time, I was aware of the large number of homeless children in Siem Reap living in extreme poverty. There are still many people who live without meeting basic needs in the area.

In 1999, I decided to create a non-governmental organization that is not associated with any political parties in Cambodia. I started with a children's shelter based in Phnom Penh, but sadly this venture failed in 2005 due to the lack of finance.

I moved to Siem Reap in 2007 and founded another children's shelter called PACDOC. This was the start of TCC.

At TCC, we believe everyone is equal. Everyone has the right to improve their well-being, but these chances are very precious in Siem Reap.

Please do not forget that these children's well-being is dependent on the amount of support we receive. I hope all of our children can have a bright future and live a happy life.

Toun Boran

Founder of Toun Community Center

Our Background and Conditions

As of 2017, there are between 25 to 30 children currently living with us at Toun Community Center. We serve as a temporary shelter that provides foster care for children from extreme cases of poverty, where families are unable to provide basic needs such as food, water and shelter. Our goal is to help these families buy some time to sort out their resources, with hopes of reuniting the children back to their families as soon as possible.

Many of the children coming to us were not only deprived of the basic needs but also education. Here at the center, we pay for their educational fees, resources and transport to the government Khmer school. We also provide extra English lessons along with training programs for those interested in either sewing and horticulture at the center.

With your help, our organization can provide a home for children waiting to be united with their own families. Please support us in our efforts to care for the lost children of Cambodia. Your help will have an immediate and substantial impact to the rural children and families in Siem Reap. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering or setting up service projects please contact Mr. Toun Boran.

Our Plans

Our plans for Toun Community Center.

Keep Providing Support

We plan to keep giving the children in Siem Reap the opportunity to a better life, by providing the basic resources such as food, clothing, and education.

Supporting Families

Toun Community Center helps poor families by reducing their financial pressures from needing to support their children. With extra resources we would like to extend these donations or setup projects to help poverty-stricken families avoid placing their children in shelters or orphanages.

Founders of the Toun Community Center

Toun Community Center was founded by Mr. Toun Boran and Mrs. Toun Boran.

Picture shows Mr. Toun Boran (left) and Mrs. Toun Boran (right).