The Children's Shelter Project

Unlike other children shelters or orphanage centers, Toun Community Center is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Toun Boran, a husband-and-wife team who operates the center more like a foster home with a "mom-and-pop" atmosphere rather than a shelter or orphanage center.

The Center's Mission

To provide a temporary home that offers food, shelter, safety and education for destitute children.

Toun Boran
Toun Boran

Founder of Toun Community Center

  • Only accepts children of extreme poverty cases
  • Maximum capacity is 35 children
  • Age ranges between 2 to 18
  • Children stay at the shelter for around 8 hours per day
  • Duration of stay ranges between 3 months to 5 years; children return to their families for the night
  • Provides 2 meals per day
  • Enrollment into the local Khmer school (with transport, uniform and supplies)
  • One hour English lessons at the center
  • Training programs for sewing, weaving and rooting plants
  • Once-per-year medical checkups