Special Thanks!

Thank you sincerely for those who have helped Toun Community Center, as partners and as donors. We greatly appreciate your help!

Toun Community Center is a local startup NGO run by Toun Boran and his family since 2007. Since then, the center has changed its name and locations at least three times. While the name and location may change, TCC's mission remains the same - "to help provide foster care for children of destitute families." Over the years, the organization has tried desperately to gain regular sponsors and donors, however, having limited English and resources has made it a significant challenge.

Despite this, the organization has done well to stay afloat all of these years due to a few sponsors and one-time donors. We thank you sincerely!

We would also like to acknowledge the following contributors for their partnership and continuous support. Som Au Khon!

If you are interested in becoming a regular sponsor, please contact us for more details.

Our Partners

Ymak Path Project


Ymak Path Project has made monthly contributions since 2012, organized CAS visits and projects for IB learners, community building trips, food and clothing drives, consultation and fundraising on behalf of TCC. Special thanks to the following communities! 

Visit Ymak Path Project

Raise the Roof

Partner - Committee and Donors

Overseas Family School (OFS)

Teacher and Parent Service Trips, Donations

Canadian International School (CIS)

Teacher and Parent Service Trips, Donations

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS)

Student Contributions, Teacher Assistance, Donations

Nexus International School Singapore (NISS)

Teacher and Parent Service Trips, Donations

Website Design Team

Website designed by Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS) Digital Website Design Team in 2018. Team members (student volunteers): Joe Xu, Eriko Yamada, Cohen Lee, Eli Baum and William Gao. Yada Mak from the Ymak Path Project provided advice in the development process.