Sustainable Development

Here at Toun Community Center, we need to look ahead and start thinking about sustainable development. Our goal for the future is to become self-sufficient and to do this we need to start generating income and resources for the shelter. This year we look to minimize our costs and develop small businesses to generate income for the shelter. Please support us in our efforts to become self-sufficient. 

Minimizing Cost Projects

Sustainable Garden

To grow our own food.

Chicken Coop

To raise chickens and eggs.

Generating Income Projects

Mushroom Farm (Work In Progress)

Oyster mushrooms are in great demand.

Tuk-Tuk Rentals

Two more Tuk-Tuks could help with transportation of the children and rented out in the evenings for shared profit.

Mango Farm

Green mangos are highly popular in Cambodia.

Rooting Plants

Rooting and potting plants for sale.

Shop House (Work In Progress)

A small store to sell mushrooms, green mangos, potted plants, hammocks, arts and crafts made at the shelter.